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Integration platform for Web services access composition and data sharing in a distributed environment L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
  Companies and modern organisations use more and more Web applications developed with the Web services technology for their customers and partners. The laboratory has developed a new generic platform for automatic Web services integration and composition that provides access to heterogenic data sources in e-collaboration environments.  
LOW COMPLEXITY NON-BINARY LDPC DECODER L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
  LDPC codes are another class of error correcting codes like TurboCodes and have been chosen as the coding scheme for applications such as satellite communications (DVB-S2) and Ethernet. Non-binary LDP...  
    Turbo-codes currently constitute the most efficient error correcting codes since, amongst existing codes, they make it possible to obtain the lowest bit error rates for a given signal-to-noise ratio, and this with a reasonable decoding complexity. They can be used either for continuous digital transmissions or for transmissions by frames. The following patent is related to gain estimation. This invention provides low complexity solutions to these classical problems.  Phase and gain estimation for QAM transmission systems (coded or uncoded). The proposed solutions are related to two classical devices: AGC (Automatic Gain Controllers) and PLL (Phase Locked Loops). For historical reasons (analog devices), digital AGC and PLL are sequential algorithms (the estimation is only based on one half of observations: the past. Sequential solutions are also referred to as “in-line” solutions). In nowadays systems, transmissions are organized by blocks and the estimation can be improved using both past and future observations in the current block (off-line solutions). Unfortunately, off-line solutions are far more complex than on-line solutions. 1 - The first novelty of this invention is to propose a low complexity off-line solution for phase and gain estimation (for QAM transmissions) whose complexity is close to that of usual in-line solutions. 2 - The second novelty lies in its ability to take into account soft information (information generated by turbo decoders or soft demappers), this property makes it possible to include the proposed solutions in a “turbo-receiver” structure. BENEFITS - Unlike most algorithms, this solution is able to track a rapidly varying phase. -  Low complexity  
Plasfibres: a simulation software tool of textile draping and for LCM composites L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
  Plasfibres is a simulation software to drape woven materials. The software allows companies of textiles and composites domains to develop a modelling process.  
TOOL FOR PLANNING THE CATHETERIZATION L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
  The invention consists of a process for simulating the navigation of surgical instruments in tubular anatomic structures (like arteries) for catheterism applications. The very idea is to develop a too...  
A method to elaborate complex patterns for photonic crystals of L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
  Method proposed is an alternative to prepare structured layers of photonic crystals with nitride materials.  
Method for coating materials L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
    CONTEXT Due to their unique properties supercritical fluids have been studied for the synthesis of nanomaterials which geometry and composition can be finely tuned by the control of process parameters.  This is the aim of this invention to provide a process to coat the surface or the pores of particles which may have various dimensions from mm to nm. This is obtained by -       Bringing in suspension the particles to be coated and a complex organo-metallic precursor of coating material in a fluid containing one or more solvents, said fluid being in SC or slightly UC conditions. -       Transforming the precursor(s) in a coating around the particles -       Bringing the fluid in such conditions that it becomes a gas -       Using the suspension of coated apticles.  BENEFITS -       No toxic by products (solvent is eliminated in gaseous phase and can be recycled) -       Large versatility of the process Particle size and geometry Particle may consist in one or more chemical compound : mineral, organic or a mixing of both or core shell Particles may be prepared in situ -       Particles may remain in suspension reducing handling risks -       Particles are not polluted by solvent residues  
DISCOVER OF A NEW SUPERHARD MATERIAL : CUBIC NANO-BN L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
  CONTEXT Normally, the production of superhard bulk nanomaterials requires the high pressure-high temperature conditions. In the case of metastable nanophases such as nano-cBN, the temperature and time of synthesis should be well controlled. Currently available superhard phases show either low thermal and chemical stability (diamond), or remarkably low hardness as compared to diamond (conventional cBN). Recently, an original method has been developped for production of nanostructured B-N phases using various techniques including quasi-hydrostatic, uniaxial and shock compression. The innovation of the technology is based on the concept of using metastable graphite-like BN precursors to form the high performance bulk materials for abrasive applications. This innovation includes (1) the ability of stabilization of nanoparticles at high pressure and high temperature, and (2) the use of bulk starting material that allows one to avoid the contaminations of resulting nanostructured bulk. The superhard nano-cBN demonstrates substantial performance to replace the currently available materials for cutting and shaping of hard ferrous alloys.The team has developed superhard non-carbon nanomaterial, which is more thermally and chemically stable than diamond. This material demonstrates the Vickers hardness of about 85 GPa, i.e. close to conventional polycrystalline diamond. The bulk material may be synthesized by the high-pressure-high temperature treatment of pyrolytic graphite-like BN precursor with ideal turbostratic structure. Presently, our team is successfully testing the possibilities to use graphite-like BN precursors of various microstructures for synthesis of novel superhard materials with advanced properties.The laboratory demonstrated that high hardness and wear resistant bulk nanostructured cBN (nano-cBN), may be synthesized at pressures about 20 GPa and temperatures about 1770 K using large-volume multianvil press.  BENEFITS Benefits derived from this bulk material include high hardness and unusually high for superhard materials fracture toughness, low compressibility, and high thermal stability. Furthermore, this material can drive electricity and so can be manufactured by electro-erosion. This point is necessary in realization of mechanical complex pieces subjected to strong pressure stress like in aeronautic manufactures.  
Green process for irreversible incorporation of organic molecules in fibrous clay (sepiolite) for cosmetic, paints… L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
  Irreversible incorporation process of organic molecules in fibrous sepiolitE  
Solid and decorative nanocomposite objects L'offre sera mémorisée dans le pavé à droite de l'écran
  Nanocomposite materials show attractive properties such as chemical inertia, hardness, good thermodynamic stability, high melting point… The laboratory has set up a new manufacturing process of nanocomposite work pieces that find their use in various applications such as in aircraft and spacecraft applications, in fossil energy conversion power plants or in jewellery.  

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